When optimizing of the production process and ensuring constant quality of the end product is the issue, the adequate filtration solution can play an important role in achieving this target.

Since their foundation in 2010 the Filtertex GmbH has professionally supported their customers in finding the right filter media, perfectly adapted to their special demands. Our products range from standard filters to made-to-measure filter solutions for our customers.

Our work is based on the following maxims:



Our motto: „Nothing is so good that it cannot be improved“. For further developing and improving the quality we count on a good cooperation with our customers.


We set value on highest possible efficiency of material, man power and energy. This does not only ensure the economic efficiency but also the protection of the environment and limited resources.


We are a reliable partner. Our products are easy to handle, long-living and future proof. Our sales organisation is customer-oriented, competent and reliable.


We are an independent family business, we cooperate with our customers and suppliers in partnership heading for mutual success. We are aware of the value of employees in an enterprise and our communication is open and trustful. We cooperate with high engagement and target-oriented.